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Work to Win

"Respect in this team is measured by how hard you work"

The ability to understand the level of competition that is needed within ourself is one of the toughest battles that we will face. Everyone wants to win, but do you know that you can? Winning that internal challenge allows us to fully focus on the competition with our outside opponents. Confidence in players is such an important aspect that we can create on our own. Managing that for ourselves and others around us puts that belief in moments when we really need it.

Our training habits creates self-respect and trust. It prepares us for situations that we are going to be put in during matches and in life. Developing your character throughout this process is so important. You may be a starter currently, but that can change. You have been the best player in your team for the time being and you've become comfortable. If you aren't a regular starter, a bit of doubt can creep in. How do you handle it? This is where your character will show. When I see players continue to train at 50% or cut corners at first it is understandable. They may not have developed in an environment that held them accountable, could be having a bad day, or they are satisfied with where they are. Once they do understand what is required of them and it has been fully explained to them, players need to take it on themselves to increase their standards.

With this mentality comes a new perspective not only on the field, but off it as well. As competitive people in this sport, we must understand that someone is trying to become better than us every single day. The work that we do in the dark will be shown on match day to everyone. I wish that I had had this drive when I played. There were moments where I was locked in, but never to the point where I was truly invested into my potential for long periods of time. Do I regret it? To a point. I know that I had more ability that I could've brought out in myself that would've brought my game to the next level. But, I do not regret it at the same time as I have been able to use my gifts in a different manner. Giving back to the game that I truly love. My work is no longer on the field, but from the sidelines.

For you, you have so much time to put the work in to create winning habits. Put yourself in the position to succeed at this thing we call life. Bring up those around you, but know that you need them to make you better as well. Begin the next moment on your journey now as you prepare for the next steps. What do you want to be remembered for?

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