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Ignore The Noise

"Blind and Deaf To The World"

Negativity will always be around no matter where you go in life. We must block it out to continue on our journey. At the youth level, wins are more important than anything else in this culture. Having a support system around you that allows a process to be trusted makes everything more enjoyable. Whether you are a player or a coach, your focus turns to becoming better instead of on the scoreline.

Unfortunately, people will speak badly about those in this industry. Our sporting community is such a small one. Youth sports turns into a status driven environment instead of an environment where great people are being created. Comparing themselves to others without the true thought of what they are getting out of it. I tip my hat to every single staff member who is in this sport for the right reasons. Checking their egos and molding young minds into becoming strong willed humans.

As you are building yourself up, understand that people are going to bring you down as much as possible. One of my most memorable experiences when trying to establish myself as a coach was what a former employer said to me. "What would happen if Will Kemp was not a part of this? Nothing. Nothing will change." A few months after I left, that company was no longer around. Not saying that that company failed because of me. I ignored the noise and continued on my path that I had set out for myself.

For yourself, you are going to see loads of media from what others are doing. Without a doubt, we all want greatness. You must understand your worth and understand that your journey is going to be different than everyone around you. Find a great environment that is going to challenge, develop, and support you throughout this time. Become a lifelong learner and do not get lost in the system like most do because they chase what others have with zero support. Your time is coming and I will be your biggest fan throughout

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