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Turn your dreams in reality

We all have a dream that we envision from day one of falling in love with this game at a super young age. Everyone wants to go pro. Everyone wants that division one scholarship to the best school in the country. It is natural to dream and believe that we can achieve these goals. But, why do we stop? What gets in our way that prevents us from going after these goals? The love of the game is there from day one and we must continue to find the love for it to turn our dreams into reality. Your dreams now do not have to be as extreme as the two examples, but we all want to get better at something we love.

With these Monday blog posts, these are just thoughts to put into your head and of course my opinion from experience. You have to put the work in yourself as you continue on your journey. One quote, one thought, one workout. Originated from one of my role models, Cory Gregory

Step one: Write down some short term and long term goals for yourself. Put a date on it for when you want to achieve it. Without a date you will not keep yourself in check. Then create subgoals to allow yourself to stay on track. If you need help reach out to someone who will tell you the truth and also someone who will give you that love that you need

Step two: Research players/people who have accomplished goals that are similar to yours. Follow their path and even reach out to them for guidance.

Step three: Perform consistently. This will be the toughest part of all of this. We start to become motivated at the thought of how we can accomplish these goals. Come out strong for the first week or so, then go back to our old habits. Let's create new habits that align with our actual goal. Start small and build from there. It takes 21 days to start a new habit. Be consistent with yourself.

Use these simple three steps to get yourself started and go from there.


One Thought

I was never the best player at any stage. I became a great teammate when I knew that others needed the motivation to succeed.


One Workout

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