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The Importance of Consistency

"However talented you are, you can always improve..."

Being in the moment and understanding what you have just accomplished is a great feeling. Lifting that trophy. Defeating your rival. Scoring that match winning goal. Making that last save to win the match. It is endless, but knowing that your hardwork that has lead to this time of success has paid off is priceless. Why do we stop though? Why do we live in the past and think that we can continue to have this moment just because of what we have just accomplished? You've worked this hard. Why stop?

Looking at the best players in the world, it is clear that they have reached this level because of a few things. Talent, hardwork, some luck, and being consistent with all the above. That extra work outside of scheduled team sessions is automatic. Their diets and the way that they prepare before a match allows their plan to fully take action. While it was not an easy journey for them, the one thing that they have done well for themselves is be consistent. They know that establishing a routine will allow them to stay on track to be great. This same opportunity is given to you.

It is right n front of you. Even after winning a league/tournament, accomplishing one of your major goals, or putting yourself at a level that you never thought you could reach, that routine needs to stay in place. Sometimes we become satisfied with where we are, but we must continue to be consistent with our training by keeping our work ethic on par with our actual goals. Ask yourself at if you are happy with the effort that you are giving. If this current effort is going to prepare you for this weekend's matches or anything in the future. Be proud of what you are putting out there for the world to see and gain that confidence in yourself that you will need when it matters the most.

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