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Be In Love With Your Potential

One Thought

The process that we go through is always challenging. We want everything that we dream of right now. It is tough for most of us to understand that the end goal isn't a straight path or a quick one. The skills and top bin goals that we see on social media are always amazing. It gives us ideas and allows creativity to flow. Just a reminder, most of those players and trainers have built up a strong technical base to perform what you are seeing. There is so much that we must build up to get to that level. The ups and downs of progress is still progress. But do we understand our progress?

Start with these questions. What is your actual potential? What level are you currently at? Are you happy with your progress from when you first started something? These real questions need to be answered by yourself or someone that can give you the TRUE REALITY of your abilities. Comparing yourself to the player next to you will never allow you to actually be yourself. If your end goal is something that you know that you will love then this process is going to be a love hate realtionship. Moments where the grind will be grueling and sacarfices will have to be made. Waking up at an earlier time to get your training/work in. Missing out on a few parties to make sure you get enough rest before a big match or even a training session. Being in love with your futureself will allow you to understand the difficulties that you are going to go through.

Have those hard conversations. Create a plan as we have said numerous times. Execute it. Do not go into this thinking you have to give up everything. You do not. Enjoy those fun meals. Enjoy those times with friends and families. Enjoy those videos games. We have to still love this thing we call life. Just keep the balance and focus.


One Quote

"There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do."

-Derek Jeter


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