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Why Not Be Confident?

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Be confident in everything you do in life. A motto to live by and a focus to have. When it comes to something we love, we have a natural desire to do well with it. We give it our best and try to make sure that our efforts do not go unnoticed. Why not take this thought process for everything that we do?

Self doubt is a major issue with a lot of players. When that doubt creeps into our mental state it can do a lot of damage to our progress. Even our enjoyment of the game. I have seen some of the most talented players drop form just because of their last experience. They missed a wide open shot. They can't string together passes. They are unable to control a ball at their feet. Letting that doubt creep in can turn a top level player into a someone who is unrecognizable. It happens at the pro level, but mentally they are extremely tough. They focus on building their confidence back by doing the simple things that you can apply to your game. Start your spacing rotation a little earlier to give yourself a little more time on the ball. Hit some 5 yard passes instead of going for the 40 yard diagonal ball. Take that extra touch into space instead of trying to control the ball first time. There are so many ways of building that confidence back.

Let go of the negativity and get back to do what you love. We love this sport. Let's show it. That outside influence that is putting you down. Forget about them. One of your teammates scored and you didn't. Who cares? Focus on playing to the best of your ability. Ask the right questions, invest into yourself, and allow yourself to give your best effort. You have every right to be confident. Now apply it to every aspect of your life!


One Quote

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

- Michael Jordan


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