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When Your Purpose Meets The Process

Ask any youth player what their dream is. Most will say that they want to be a professional player when they grow up. I love that dream and of course I had the same when I was young. The issue is that we have so many people trying to sell you a dream and rush this process. To answer that question is simple. The process cannot be rushed. There are too many ears out there that do not want to hear that. Being an absolute beast on the ball and having a strong mental game is what your goal should be throughout your youth career. Train with a purpose. You have to want it. Understand that you need to have a plan to achieve that dream of yours.

Great things happen when your development is way more important than the shirt you have your back. When your purpose meets the process, you know that your goals are going to take time and sacrifice to obtain. You know that nothing is going to be given to you. Your training is planned out. Your preparation for what is next is established from your routine that you currently have created for yourself. Personal responsibility and personal accountability is what is going to put you closer to your goals and dreams.

Those bad matches and seasons do not define you. It is just a part of your process. College soccer may be a dream of yours and nothing can prepare you for it better than the actual process itself. That college coach does not care about that championship you won when you were 14 years-old. Have you actually matured and worked on other character traits that will help their program? How are you going to deal with not starting the first two or three years? Most of you are going to break under that pressure because you are unable to get past the criticism. Break the mold. Stop chasing the crowd. Create a plan for yourself and put that effort in that will make everything you do have a purpose.

Stop running from the actual process. Showing up is a battle in itself, but once you are there your effort must be at its best. Take the criticism as a plus. People care about how and what you are doing. Taking this as a personal attack will not get you anywhere and it goes back to having a strong mental game. You have a great opportunity in front of you. Once your purpose aligns with the actual process, you are going to really enjoy this journey. Be patient with it.

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