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What's Your Component of Success?

Success is measured in different ways from multiple perspectives. Your feeling of success is measured by your own standards. Unfortunately, sometimes we compare our success to others. It takes away from what we have accomplished. That joy that we once had is now gone because of the way we have compared ourselves to someone else. Continue to focus on you and what you have built

Character Strength

What have you overcome to progress your character to handle situations. I have seen amazing players become so lost in their journey. Being a great player is one thing, but how professional are you? Are you humble? Do you bring others up around you or do you blame them? How can you handle pressure?

Training Habits

You had a great match on the weekend. Now what? The past is the past. Can you continue with the good habits you created with yourself? If you had a bad match are you going to keep pushing or give up?

Student of The Game

Are you willing to learn or do you know everything? We love the game, so continue to learn from it. Understand that comparing yourself to someone else is also a learning experience. Just know that you are in a different part of your journey than others.

Enjoy those 1% moments where you have become better. No one can take your accomplishments away.

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