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The Season is Over, Now What?

As our seasons come to an end, we recap of what we enjoyed the most, what we could've done better, and what is next. The season, whether we won something or not, was hopefully a step in the right direction for your development. Remember, winning is not everything and your success should not be judged by that. Now the planning begins on how we approach our next level.

Step one - Check to see what your goals were this past season. Were you able to reach them over the last few months of work? Did you come up short? Or were you far away from accomplishing them? Reassess and make decisions based on how you did

Step two - Are you happy with the way that you actually performed? Going back to you goals, were they easily achieved and was the given effort on par with your accomplishments? Sometimes we give ourselves some easily obtained goals. We know we can complete them and those goals are more of a comfort zone target. On the other hand, we sometimes give ourselves goals that are achievable with a level of effort that really pushes us to our limits. Did we actually give that type of effort towards those goals? Or did we take the back seat and stay at about 75%? These are real questions that you must ask yourself when doing a recap.

Step Three - Now create a plan for your "offseason" workouts. Rest is crucial. You just went a few months straight without a real break, but we need to get back to work to make sure we do not fall off completely during the winter months. Find a program that is suitable for you. Speed and agility, ball mastery, a quality futsal program, etc. There is so much out there for you to participate in.

If you have not already registered your interest for the upcoming winter clinics, you can do so at We will be working over the winter months to keeper players on par with their goals. Online training sessions will be starting in the New Year as well. That will be an option for those who are unable to attend the winter clinics!

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