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The Past is Not An Expecation

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Victory... We love the feeling. We have worked so hard for this moment. Our efforts before the match have paid off. You won a national championship, went undefeated in your season, lead the league in assists, and got some individual awards. Your best season ever. But who cares now? It's in the past. Our future is not going to be given to us based on what we did last year. So now what?

You add to it. The past is not an expectation. Last year is no longer our base as we look to elevate to the next level. At the top, our opposition do not care what last year brought us. They focus on completing their tasks, which is to outwork us, and bring us defeat. We must compete daily with ourselves to allow growth. This does not mean we must forget the success that we had and then sacrifice our social life. What this means is that we must understand where we are in our development cycle and how we are going to achieve growth.

As a player, I relied too much on my talent. I thought that was enough to get me to where I wanted to get to. I lacked drive once I thought I made it. There was a window in my career where I was fully focused on my development and growth. Put in the extra work that was necessary. Pushed myself in team training and eventually got rewarded for it. I thought I made me. Once I hit that peak, I dropped off completely. I thought accomplishments would continue to fall at my feet as I continued my career. I lost sight of where I truly wanted my career to take off to. My past was my past. My future started to shape into something that I deserved. Sitting on the bench. No one to blame except myself...

So take full control of your future. The past is a celebration for when you need those memories. Use that as fuel for your growth when you are suffering through your workouts. We should not expect ourselves to be given anything just because of our last result. Let's grow into the player we know we can be. Connect these with the vision that you have of your future self. Are your training habits on par with the goals you currently have for yourself?


One Quote

"When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren't the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation."

Arsene Wenger


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