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Losing Doesn't Define You

One Thought

It feels like failure. As if you've let everyone else down around you. The final whistle. blows and the other team raises their hands in triumph. How did we lose this match? The feeling of guilt sets in and we start to replay certain situations in our head. "I Should've done this instead of that." This isn't a reflection of yourself. Build on this and continue on the path you have designed for yourself. This is a feeling that will be with us for awhile, but there is much more to this moment than an L on your record. You will truly see who you are in the coming weeks.

First question that you can ask yourself, "what can we take from this result." You need this every so often as a reminder that there is still work to put in. Have you put yourself in a better situation than before by preparing properly? How was your effort in training leading up to this match? Did you eat and hydrate? What extra work have you done outside of regular training? If you have completed all of these tasks to the best of your ability, then you have to understand that you have done your best. If you have not, where can you add to your preparation for the next match?

I have had amazing seasons as a player and a coach. Lifted trophies. Went undefeated. I also have had terrible seasons. Not won a single match. Lost in finals. There are different things that I have taken from each. The winning feeling is addicting and is the best out of the two. It makes you feel like you are on top. The issue with that is that you feel like you are on top... Nothing else to aim for and you can forget what you still have to accomplish to stay there. The losing feeling, while it sucks... It is the most helpful. It brings you out of your comfort zone and makes you never want to feel like that again. We start by having better training habits and becoming more focused more on studying the game. Losing can truly light a fire in how you operate as a player or a coach. We should not be "okay" with losing. Accepting it means that we are accepting defeat as a human being. Do not let a loss define you, but let it help shape you into who you truly want to be.


One Quote

"Sometimes in football you have to hold your hand up and say, yeah, they're better than us."

- Sir Alex Ferguson


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