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When doing anything in life everyone wants to compare you to someone else who is either similar in certain ways or the best in their craft. ⁠ "The next #Ronaldo. Be like #AlexMorgan. We are looking for another #Pulisic." ⁠ The good from this is that you have something to aim for. The bad.. Well, you will always over analyze everything that you do. Body shape is off, not striking the ball purely, not as fast, not as strong, etc. ⁠ When developing yourself it is great to have someone to look up to. The focus should be towards building the best version of yourself. Becoming mentally and physically stronger. Do things that you know are challenging to yourself, not your idol. You will hear whispers of people comparing you to your brother, sister, cousin, teammate, or whoever. Please understand that you have to stay on track and positive about where your path needs to take you. It is a journey that will be tough as there really is no manual on how to achieve what you envision for yourself. ⁠ Take your time. Be Patient. Stay Focused. Get to Work.⁠

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