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Fight Till The End

One Thought

Moments... Moments that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We dream of them. We cry from them. We tell stories about them. Somethings that we wish we could change if we could go back. Somethings that we wouldn't touch at all. It is these moments that can help define your history and what you leave behind. We must fight for what we want. Do you feel that you left it all out there for the world to see?

I have moments that stick with me that I wish that I prepared better for. Such as, finals in high school, college, and club. I fought for the right to be there, but crossing that finish line can be a lot tougher the closer you get to it. As a player and as a coach, the feeling of "failure" is never easy. We try to make sure that when this moment comes, we are mentally and physically able to compete. You feel your hands shaking. A bit of doubt creeps in. We try to remember our principles and tactics that we have been speaking about leading up to kickoff. Somehow, doubt continues to take over. It is a tough time to push through this and get back on track, but, this added pressure can be defeated. We know that it is time to perform and everything starts to click. You deserve this moment more than you believe you do. You have worked hard to get here. Now conquer it and enjoy the process that you are about to go through. Fight till the end...


One Quote

“Pressure is a privilege. It’s how we look at something whether we feel a lot of pressure or not"

- Billie Jean King


One Workout

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