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Enjoy Life

With so much presssure in this world, we tend to forget to enjoy the moments that we go through. We have so much around us and we can forget to truly appreciate the time that we have with friends. Being competitive is needed for the sport that we play. Stress is unfortunately apart of the process as well. It can be emotionally draining at times, but we must take a step back to look at the reason that we are playing this game.

Doing what we love brings us happiness. Which is most likely one of the reasons why we continued on this journey. We want to be like our role models and replicate what we see on tv. This sport is an emotional rollercoaster though. There is nothing like it. Appriecating the passion that goes into our game will allow us to fully take in how beautiful it can be. On top of that, we can be ourselves. This game gives us the opportunity to be as artistic as we'd like to be. You'll be able to express yourself throuhgout.

When we take a bigger step back to look at our journey we can see that we are making memories with friends and family. A lot of my memories of this sport are the small moments at training, traveling, or in between matches. The trophies will be there. The patches that we collected at tournaments can spark a smile. That one amazing goal or save we made will be exaggerated every time that we speak about it. But, it is a part of something that connects us. Appreciate the little things with those who you surround yourself with.

"These trophies will collect dust, but these memories will last forever"

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