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Create a Standard

How do we build on something we've already created? We are now familiar with our ability and understand what level we are at as a player and coach. The next step is to create a standard based on our own analysis of ourselves and our squads. This doesn't mean become strict with how you play. We just need to make sure that we do not allow ourselves to drop below a certain level.

There are so many ways on how we must approach this. Really breakdown what you currently experience. What do you already require of yourself? Professionalism throughout the session, high level of effort, being creative, and giving those around you the best version of yourself. If one of these drops, we must pick ourselves back up. There will be times when players check out and doubt creeps in or they are just bored. It happens, but can we fix it? Are we able to bring ourselves back to the level that we require and not let those standards drop? Not every day is going to be a great day, but we are aiming to be as consistent as we can. There will be plenty of days where we are truly not feeling it. We must make sure those around us do not suffer from it.

Creating a standard can be challenging. Demanding a lot can be seen in a negative way if we rush right into it. Just like everything else, we must take it slow and build in to it. That way once we get to a certain level the standard is rising with it as well. It is important to take in the environment that you are in and react accordingly. If you are just beginning, as a coach or a player, the standard will need to be created based on that. If you are in a more experienced environment, then build that level of standard as expected. Those around us will benefit if we suit their needs. It can be tough at first. Once you have a clear understanding then adjusting will be much easier. Have fun with what you are doing, but do not forget what you are aiming towards. An off day can turn into an off week, month, season, year. Focus on that end goal and the standard that it will take to reach them.


One Quote

"I get held to much higher standards than most of my peers"

- Kobe Bryant


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