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Are You Part-Time or Full-Time?

Being motivated is exciting. Hearing that speech when you need it the most or watching your favorite player continue to inspire you to play this game. It gives you chills just thinking about it. But what happens when that motivation wears off? What do you do when that inspiration goes into the back of your mind? You lose a little bit of drive that made you want to work harder in the first place. You become a part-time athlete. You put that motivation on hold and allow other things to take your focus. Being part-time isn't the worst thing, but understand that you are holding yourself back from your goals by getting rid of that belief.

What does full-time mean? Well, let's start with the topic that we brought up a few months ago on the blog, "Turn Dreams Into Reality." What are your actual dreams? Do you believe that you are giving your best effort towards turning those dreams into a reality? Or does something else take your focus? If something else is in the forefront of your mind and you continue to put off those goals, then you are part-time. Once again, there is nothing wrong with that. You may be in a slump or may not be interested in the same routine. Challenge yourself if you believe things are boring. Switch it up in training by playing a different position or by only using your weak foot. Small changes can make big differences. If you are in a slump, then keeping it simple to build up that confidence will allow you to get back on track to being full-time. Commit to yourself and what you want to accomplish. The people you surround yourself with and the influencers you watch will create the thought process to your life. You have full control of the vibes you want to create. Be around likeminded people and allow yourself to take in some positive influential people.

Your talents are only going to take you so far, but having a great attitude throughout this whole process will allow you to surpass your current level. It can be difficult to get there, but that is the fun part in the journey. Trust me, there are no straight roads. We have many detours, blocks, and wrong turns that we have to navigate our way through. Stay the course and celebrate those small goals as much as you will your big goals. Don't be motivated, but become driven to be full-time again.


One Quote

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.” —Homer Rice


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